Ruslan Babaev
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Ruslan Babaev is Co-Chief Executive Officer at Renaissance Capital. Mr Babaev is responsible for driving the business performance of the Firm, with a focus on revenue-generating initiatives through increasing sales efforts and widening the Firm’s product range, assessing new opportunities and facilitating its entry into new markets.
Anna Vyshlova
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Anna Vyshlova is Co-Chief Executive Officer at Renaissance Capital. Mrs Vyshlova focuses on developing and strengthening the Firm’s infrastructure, and ensuring a seamless alliance between different businesses, regions and support groups to expand cross-firm collaboration and facilitate new client opportunities.
Anthony Simone
Anthony Simone is President at Renaissance Capital. Prior to this, Mr Simone served as Acting Chief Executive Officer from May 2016 to April 2017. As President, he focuses specifically on Renaissance Capital’s international footprint and is responsible for client engagement, regulatory, governance and other corporate matters.
Elena Grishina
Chief Financial Officer
Elena Grishina was appointed Chief Financial Officer in June 2013 and is responsible for all the Firm’s global finance functions, as well as investor relations and internal audit. Mrs Grishina joined Renaissance Capital in 2006 as Finance Director.
Temi Popoola
Chief Executive Officer, Nigeria/West Africa
Temi Popoola joined Renaissance Capital in July 2015, as Head of Equities, then shortly afterwards became the Nigeria Chief Executive Officer.
Amr Helal
Chief Executive Officer, North Africa
Amr Helal was appointed as Chief Executive Officer, North Africa in October 2018. He has been with the Firm since October 2017 as an independent non-executive director in Cairo. In the capacity of Chief Executive Officer, Amr leads the Firm’s franchise in North Africa and oversees the Company’s strategy and senior client coverage in the region.
Stanley Kariuki
Chief Executive Officer, Kenya
Stanley Kariuki has been CEO of Renaissance Capital in Kenya since 2012, and has over 15 years’ experience in the Kenyan stock market.
Kirsty Ross
Chief Executive Officer, South Africa
Kirsty Ross has been Head of International HR and Head of Africa HR at Renaissance Capital since August 2015, and has served as the Firm's South Africa Chief Executive Officer since April 2015. Prior to this, she was Chief Operating Officer of Renaissance Capital in Africa from 2012.
Marios Hadjiyannakis
Chief Executive Officer, Cyprus
Marios has been Chief Executive Officer since April 2007. He has the overall responsibility for regional business development, operations and regulatory relations.